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Life is a Journey 




We are lifelong learners. We believe people have the capacity to change and grow throughout their lives, no matter their age or stage.


We partner with our clients and assist them in exploring situations from different perspectives, and deciding how they might use their strengths to be most effective. 


We guide our clients through a flexible, results-oriented process tailored to what they want to achieve.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


Maya Angelou



Leadership Coaching


Growing and thriving as a leader means continually learning new skills and shifting, both internally and externally. Effective leadership coaching will help you realize your full potential—whether you’re new in your role, or have had a lifetime of experience.

Executive Coaching

We work with executives across a range of skill levels and industry sectors, supporting them to be more effective, focused, and successful. We offer fresh perspectives, enabling you to reframe challenges and develop greater self-awareness and EQ mastery.

Transition Coaching


What was once exciting or fulfilling for us in work or in life may no longer be. Making career or life changes is something we all experience over time. Transition coaching supports you in discovering a world of new possibilities and going for what you want next.


Coaching is about change—deciding what you want to do differently, and working to make it happen, to become a slightly better version of yourself. For all of us, change is a lifelong process of questioning and affirming the relationship between who we are and what we do. Coaching is about exploring your assumptions, priorities and habits and deciding if they are still working for you as the world and your place in it changes over time.


Coaching offers support for you to make the changes that matter most to you. It is not about fixing problems or analyzing the past. It is not mentoring, consulting or therapy. It is about what you want to do in your future, how you want to be different in some aspect of your life, how you want to adjust to have a different impact on others or achieve a different outcome.


Together with you, we’ll identify your strengths, your core values, your passions, and your stories. If you want, we will collect stakeholder feedback to assist you in knowing how you are perceived by others. Understanding your strengths and building on them boosts learning and growing. Noticing your blind spots and triggers helps you steer the shifts you want to make.


As your partner, we will offer questions to encourage you to be curious about yourself and your world from different perspectives, and invite you to explore alternate ways of thinking, feeling and being. We will guide you in charting a path to reach your goals, and aid you in staying focused on what you determine you want to achieve.


Coaching is about you—what you want to learn and how you want to grow. It’s your work and your change journey. We enjoy going on the journey with clients to offer support and applaud their successes.






Craig’s coaching is based on total respect for the complexities of leading people and organizations in today’s challenging environment. 


Utilizing his 40 plus years of leadership experience in complex organizations and nonprofits, as well as his executive coaching certification, Craig partners with leaders and managers to help them be more effective, efficient, and happy. 


Craig is passionate about assisting leaders and managers learn and grow through recognizing and reaching their personal potential. He also assists clients with finding joy and inspiration in their work, as well as their desired work-life balance. Craig’s coaching focuses on desired behavioral change the client wants to accomplish, personal and organizational performance results, and increased self-awareness and insight for manageable change.


Craig recognizes the key role that a healthy company culture plays in successful organizations. He understand the ingredients of a supportive culture and has a proven track record of improving organizational culture. Craig assists corporate clients to achieve results through better alignment of processes, individual goals, and individual behavior while improving employee engagement, employee morale, and improved recruitment and retention. 

He has led complex organizations with numerous stakeholders and organizational demands. He worked with others to build teams that overcame operational and financial turnaround imperatives. In these roles, he supported new learning and growth for executives and managers, as well.

Craig has a Bachelor’s Degree, Certificate in Physical Therapy, and Master’s Degree in Business/Health Care and Certification from the Hudson Institute of Coaching. His coaching practice has been successful in bringing out the best of leaders and managers who desire to learn, grow and improve their life and performance through a thought-provoking and creative partnership.

Linda is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, and a trusted partner for senior and emerging leaders striving to effect positive social change in communities, make a change in their own lives, or grow in a new role or responsibilities.


Linda believes in the capacity of people to grow and change, to adapt to changing times and new challenges, and to live into their dreams. She enjoys helping people identify and explore what matters most to them and chart a course to transition into their next chapter or achieve their goals where they are. She delights in working with people who want to become slightly better versions of themselves and experience happier and more successful professional or personal lives.

With over forty years of broad experience in nonprofit and public organizations, Linda brings a unique perspective to her clients. She has served in senior leadership positions as an executive director, an elected public official, and chair of numerous nonprofit boards. She’s also been an uber-engaged volunteer, trainer, capacity builder and community organizer.

Linda is proud to have a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Washington. A lifelong learner, she values assuming a beginner’s mindset when tackling novel ideas and experimenting with new practices. She is an experienced iEQ9 Enneagram Practitioner who delights is exploring new insights with clients.

When not coaching, Linda most enjoys time with Craig, their three grown children and their families—including five of the most amazing grandchildren—and friends. Linda is grateful for the beauty and inspiration of nature. She finds calm and grounding in tai chi, qigong and meditation practices and loves walking, reading, playing, and creating.



“My career path and health in relationships have been improved from my coaching engagement ."

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