“My career path and health in relationships have been improved from my coaching engagement with Craig. My confidence and focus have strengthened. Craig introduced me to practical tools that I can leverage going forward anytime I need to intentionally reconnect with my inner power.  I now feel that I am charting a positive path forward in my career and life.  Thank you, Craig.”


Sheila Burroughs

Vice President, 

Kaiser Permanente


"This was my first time working with a professional coach and I didn’t quite know what to expect. Linda’s warmth and appreciative perspective immediately helped me to feel comfortable. She asked a lot of really great questions that challenged me to recognize my strengths as well as frame weaknesses within a more balanced light. She did a great job of digging into the details while ensuring we remained focused on the big picture as well. Overall I feel more whole as a result of coaching. Thank you Linda!"

Jan Burrell

Volunteer Initiatives Program Manager,

501 Commons


“I started working with Craig to improve my communication skills overall.  What I got from our conversations was so much more.  I understood the value of time, how important it is to invest on thinking things through and converting those into a well-balanced plan.  Working with Craig has been fundamental to me in my current role.  I definitely would engage into new coaching sessions to continue this road of wisdom.”


Dalila Pompa

IT Manager,  




"My work with Linda was a highlight of my growth and development this past year.  Linda helped me become more intentional about my use of time in these “empty nest” years – with a balanced approach for family, professional growth, service, wellness and fun.  Creating a road map for my next decade has me paying more daily attention to the things that matter most . I am grateful to Linda for her warmth, support and inspiration." 


Andrea Voytko

Deputy Director 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Craig was an excellent Executive Coach. His ability to coach coupled with his successful business background made a winning combination in terms of helping me define development goals and an implementation plan that enabled me to rethink how I was approaching my current role, my career, and ultimately make me more effective in the workplace. I would recommend engaging Craig if you are a leader wanting a partner that will help you build on your strengths and develop in your growth areas.” 

Douglas Hansen 

Information Technology Engineering Manager,

Hewlett- Packard

"I started working with Linda at a crossroads in my life. I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Our sessions led to excitement and enthusiasm for all the possibilities that this life could hold. Linda helped me focus my attention on what I thought was important and how my career and relationship goals fit into these values instead of the other way around. With Linda’s support, I feel confident in taking the next step with my career and relationships. Thank you, Linda!

Kate Duran